Tuesday, April 20, 2010

the vilification of ole miss

people were upset.
people were offended.
recruiting suffered as a result of vicious slander spread by the opposition.
the colonel was retired.

in the aftermath of this intrepid ordeal, lies the humiliation of defeat by a proud school and the aloofness of their adversaries who feel as though they have been righted in their hatred of this prestigious university.

but who, i ask, are the true victors?

if, as the administration suggests, changing the mascot will help the university of mississippi gain higher quality students and student athletes, have the rebel's defamers actually accomplished their goal? sure at the moment there is turbulence on the campus and disdain in the grove, but what in the end? a stronger football program? basketball program? more rhodes scholars than the 25 this premier educational institution already boasts? will they get more faulkners, more grishams, more mannings, more prestige? if this is the end result, who will have suffered the greatest loss?

could it be that the colonel, in true ole miss form, has simply "taken one for the team?" i think yes. and may he rest in peace.