Tuesday, April 20, 2010

the friendly zealot: a humble beginning.

it has come to my attention that i have a problem. this, i am certain, is a problem shared by many. the evidence of this assertion is the sheer number of subsisting bloggers. the annoyance of which i speak is, of course, the inability to hold my tongue. i'm not sure inability gives you a fair interpretaion of my dilemma. perhaps this may help. my existence is contigent on speaking my mind. i must feel i have some great importance in this world, for i continuously shudder by the actions and or opinions of others when they are not centrolineal to my own. since i wish to season my friends and family, i have decided to blog my opinions and general irritations. the fact that no one is reading this, makes it less sufficing and yet more freeing at the same time. and so, i will keep this "journal" in hopes that by disencumering myself of these thoughts and frustrations with everyday life and the injustices tasted by so many, i may tame the beast that is inside me and stop forever offending those around me.

enjoy these rants my apocryphal readers.