Monday, April 26, 2010

et tu ncaa?

no more bible verses beneath eyes of ncaa football players (click on the post title to read the article)

i have tried to see the validity in this ruling. even i, the separtation of church and state psycho nut, cannot find it. how can this be legal? when will someone fight it? do you notice that they waited until tebow left to make this rule? maybe because he would have fought it. i will be interested to see who does. what about tatoos? a message is a message, right? maybe if they try and outlaw tatoos the players will revolt and we will see some justice.

you guys might not know this, but i am by no means a tim tebow fan. i think he is a show boat, a ball hog, a media hog and that one day he will beat his wife and possibly children. why you ask? he has a nasty temper, a NASTY, NASTY temper and he is an old school chirstian (so much so that he might take the "wives submit to your husbands" thing a little too far). he might not, but i think time will prove i am right. also, why were there always cameras on him during his "missionary work?" could the money used to hire those cameramen not have been put to better use buying food for the IMPOVERISHED PEOPLE he was there to "help?" How about the now "immortalized" speech he gave after Ole Miss handed florida a much deserved loss? HE was sorry, HE would do better next time, HE won't lose another game, HE knows that HE let everyone down? do you think maybe HE has a big ego? If HE felt HE single handedly lost that game, who does HE think won the others? obviously not his center maurkice pouncey who was picked BEFORE tebow in the draft. i feel he is a "pseudo" chirstian and an adequate quarterback at best. i included my tebow rant so all would know this rule does not offend me because of any misdirected tebow worship. but, i digress.

this rule infringes on their right to freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and takes away power from the school and coaches.

bad rule.


i just learned that they are in fact doing this in the NFL as well. i'm very interested to see how this all pans out.