Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Same sex couples have new rights?

maybe not. we all read the news. we felt blissful to learn he had made an order that a veritable liberal president might make. extending health care rights to same sex partners? nice.

just the idea that an american president might actually believe we are all created equal makes my heart skip a beat. egalitarians unite!

not so fast my forward marching brothers and sisters.

we have been finessed. if you read this article you will see the only person who truly has an opportunity to furtherance is, you guessed it, obama. it is another push by the oval office to extend their control over the health care industry (ie, our lives).

notice this line, "to grant all patients the right to designate people who can visit and consult with them at crucial moments." also that, "patients' designees be able to "make informed decisions regarding patients' care."

to elucidate. i am in the hospital juiced on God knows what and some random guy walks into my hospital room while my family is away. he tells me i should let him decide what is best for me because i am in pain and suffering and he can help. in my drug dazed reality, i say yes and sign a piece of paper. he tells the hospital to pull the plug and harvest my organs. guess who gets some of my organs? his daughter.

an extreme example? maybe. is this out of the realm of possibility from such an extremist government? absolutely not.

no thank you, mr. obama. we are NOT too stupid to make our own decisions. we DO have rights and freedoms and we would like to keep them.

his order doesn't make same sex couples have the same medical rights as "traditional" couples. it lets ANYONE IN THE WORLD have the same rights to our health care decisions that our family has. it recognizes that NO ONE is important, not that everyone is.

this is just another slap in our face. another, "you are all idiots and i am the smartest" move by this administration.

does no one else see this? why are we letting this continue? the worst part about this is he is doing it in the name of emancipation.

shame on you, mr. president.