Thursday, April 22, 2010

me and my libertarian ways

i had a random thought this morning. libertarian is not really a political party, not by it's current definition anyway. you see, being libertarian is not necessarily an idicator of my place on the political spectrum. i don't really think i have one place on the spectrum, but rather a collection of hangouts that I visit regularly. i'll explain. some stops are to get milkshakes, some are to buy clothes, some are places of worship, some are educational institutions (e.g., walmart is not the only place i go in a day. all of my needs cannot be met at one location. likewise, all of my political needs cannot be met at one spot on the spectrum).

in my humble opinion, being libertarian basically means i feel i have the right, as do you, to vote on issues at a state or even a smaller community level. by saying i think the citizens of my state should hold a vote on the issue of prohibition (legalization of marijuana), it should not be immediately clear to you how i would vote. it simply means i recognize that mine is not the only opinion that matters in this community. it bears no more or less weight than any of my neighbors. this law only effects this community, does it not? so why would washington make the decision for us?

this principle holds true for many issues. abortion, the definition of marriage, prayer in public schools, the curriculum of public schools, driving age, voting age, drinking age, tax amounts and the appropriation of thoses dollars, and the list continues.

in short, i would argue that if you are not libertarian, you think your opinions and/or beliefs should bear more weight than those of others. surely you don't think that... do you?